Jewish car targeted by Arab rock assault
Jewish car targeted by Arab rock assaultOded Hania

The "silent intifada" of violent Arab terrorism continues to strike in Jerusalem, where on Tuesday night, between the northern neighborhoods of Shuafat and Atarot, two Jewish men were the victims of an intense rock throwing attack on municipality-owned land.

Oded Hania told Arutz Sheva he was driving in a car with a friend on the traffic route through the two neighborhoods when they were met by a group of Arab youths - who made sure to verify the two were Jewish before showering them with a potentially lethal hail of rocks.

"We drove from Atarot towards Shuafat. In Shuafat we saw a group of three or four youths around 18 years old," relates Hania. "Traffic was slow; they approached so as to identify if we were Jews."

Hania's friend, an IDF soldier, was dressed in uniform, giving the youths the indication that the intended victims were indeed Jews. At that point "they stepped back a bit, and from point blank range threw huge stones into the car."

The driver's window was smashed by the fusillade of rocks, as was the window next to Hania, who noted that his friend, who was driving, "tried to get away in reverse, as the whole car was full of glass. In the end we went fifty meters in reverse against the stream of traffic, and then crossed to the opposite lane and got out of there."

The Arab drivers adjacent to the entire incident were completely indifferent to the attack, says Hania, and not one of them or any passersby tried to stop the anti-Semitic assault.

"Those were moments of fear. I was certain they were going to do a lynch-mob attack on us, and I wasn't sure we would succeed in getting away because they came from all around us. They really surrounded us," recalls Hania.

After succeeding in getting to the opposing lane and driving away, Hania notes "we stopped at a nearby station. The police arrived after several minutes, we gave them testimony, cleaned up the car and continued to drive."

However, the police apparently showed nearly as much indifference as the Arab drivers witnessing the attack.

Hania reports that after asking the officers to go to the scene of the attack and try to track down the rioters, one of them told him "there is nothing we can do about that," before returning to their station.

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) on Tuesday called for police to be provided back-up given their apparent inability to secure the capital, specifically recommending that IDF paratroopers be deployed in Jerusalem.

In addition to constant rock and firebomb attacks, as well as incidents of live gunfire, there have been at least three cases in the Jerusalem area in recent weeks of Jewish motorists nearly being the victims of a lynch-mob, with Arab attackers pummeling Jewish cars with rocks.

Car after the hail of rocks
Car after the hail of rocksOded Hania