An extremely disturbing video from ISIS-controlled Syria shows a woman being stoned to death by her own father, after being accused of adultery.

At the start of the video - which Arutz Sheva has deemed too graphic to reproduce here - a man who appears to be the head of a Sharia (Islamic law) council from the so-called "Islamic State" lectures the woman, and announces that the stoning sentence is the first to be implemented under ISIS auspices in the area. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, it is the third stoning sentence carried out by ISIS.

"We hope that this will serve as a lesson for other women," he says, adding: "This punishment is the result of the actions you did with your own free will."

He tells her that she should therefore "be satisfied with the ruling decreed by Allah" and accept it "because Islam means submission and obedience to Allah."

All this is said in the presence of the woman's father, who remains silent with his hands folded as his daughter begs for his forgiveness.

The heartbreaking scene is then compounded as the father, who appears to be a local sheikh, finally responds to his daughter: 

"I will not forgive her," he declares angrily, "don't call me 'father'!" even after ISIS members urged him to do so because "she is going to die anyway."

Eventually, after some cajoling and with a dismissive wave of the hand he sneers "fine, I forgive you."

"Hold my hand!" she pleads, only for him to turn away in disgust: "That I won't do!"

The woman - who is only seen from behind in the video - is then forced to issue a message "to other women" to remain chaste and loyal to their husbands, before being led away to be executed.

Shockingly, not only does her father tie her arms and legs before she is buried in the sand until her neck in preparation for the punishment, in accordance with Islamic law - but he also enthusiastically takes part in the stoning alongside ISIS executioners, hurling one rock after another at her head and frantically scrambling to find more ammunition.

The video is just the latest evidence of the horrific human rights abuses carried out by ISIS in territories under its control in Syria and Iraq, which have also included mass executions, rape, slavery and crucifixions.