Arab terrorist throws molotov cocktail (file)
Arab terrorist throws molotov cocktail (file)Reuters

Arabs from the village of Dura al-Kara in Binyamin infiltrated into the Jewish community of Beit-El Monday night, and threw two Molotov cocktails at the home of Avi Zarbiv.

Zarbiv told Arutz Sheva that there were no injuries. 

"The Molotov cocktail bombs hit my balcony and my bedroom window. The balcony window broke and caught fire," Zarbiv recalled. "We heard an explosion outside the house and then saw the balcony and window on fire."

Zarbiv, an officer in an elite unit, rushed out of his house but the Arabs has already fled, not before leaving behind a PLO flag.

"The emergency readiness squad arrived immediately, as did Beit El Security Officer Yehuda Dana, the Deputy Commander of the [Binyamin] brigade, army and police forces," he said. 

Zarbiv said that the attack crossed a red line. "Arabs entering through the fence and then continuing on the yards of private property is a crossing of a red line - nothing less," he stated. He also thanked security forces for their quick and vigorous actions. 

The use of firebombs has been reported in numerous recent incidents. Rock throwing and firebomb attacks have increased at light rail stops in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Firebombs were also thrown at police in recent riots on the Temple Mount

Meanwhile, a bus driver was lightly injured by glass shards Monday evening after Arabs threw rocks at his vehicle near the Naomi Shemer tunnel in Jerusalem. The driver was traveling in the direction of Maale Adumim.

The victim was taken by Magen David Adom to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in the capital.