After coming out with a feature length propaganda film replete with Hollywood-esque cinematic effects last month, the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) continues to flex its recruitment muscle in a new video detailing its strict enforcement of Sharia (Islamic law) in its "state."

The video focuses on the ISIS "ethics police" in Fallujah, a city to the west of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, and their efforts to establish an Islamic caliphate and strengthen the jihadist group's reign over the swathes of Iraq and Syria that have fallen into the group's iron grasp - that reign is symbolized by the black ISIS flag placed on local streets.

One of the ISIS members explains in the video that the goal of the ethics police is to destroy any expression of non-Islamic worship, and as part of those actions the grave of a sheikh was recently destroyed in accordance with the Islamic ban on "worshiping the dead," as interpreted by the Salafist and Wahabist streams.

The video, in Arabic, can be seen here:

In the video, ethics police are seen placing a great emphasis on the contact between men and women, with one ISIS member saying the group punished youths who "harassed" women. He did not specify what the "harassment" was - or what punishment was placed on the youths.

In Syria, ISIS's ethics police have instituted public lashes for sexual harassment, whereas charges of adultery carry a death sentence.

The apparent concern for women's rights is ironic, given that ISIS in its English-language digital magazine Dabiq last Sunday encouraged taking women as sex slaves, saying it is part of Islam - indeed the jihadist group has committed mass rape and torture against non-Muslim minorities.

In another part of the video, the ISIS ethics police are seen in Fallujah markets checking to make sure merchants don't cheat with their scales. Likewise ISIS religious guides are seen speaking with youths about the importance of taking part in Friday prayers and of following Islamic Sharia law.

ISIS's latest video serves as further testimony to the terror group's intense online recruitment methods, which in addition to including various propaganda films of Westerners threatening their home countries in English, French and German, have also contained aggressive social media networking.

The recruitment techniques have also reached beyond the digital platform, with ISIS cells in Paris reportedly being part of the reason why a Jewish French girl joined the jihadist group and tried to blow up her parents' store recently.

Fallujah has been an interesting case study of the Middle East, as back in 2004 American soldiers were able to rout Al Qaeda forces from the city after an intense battle.

With the fall of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's regime Iraqi society was given the opportunity to form a democratic government, but with much of the governmental power controlled by Shi'ite minorities, the country has been wracked with sectarian war, setting the stage for ISIS's recent operation to seize control of large portions of the country.