Islamic State terrorist (file)
Islamic State terrorist (file) Reuters

Spain will begin training Iraqi forces later this year to battle Islamic State (ISIS) forces, Associated Press reported. However, Spain has ruled out taking part in ground operations in Syria, officials said Saturday.

Defense Minister Pedro Morenes made the announcement in Washington, after meeting Friday with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

"We could be starting up by the end of this year because the whole operation is evolving fast, all the time, every day; we have to adjust our abilities and what we are offering, in response to that evolution," Morenes told reporters.

During his trip, Morenes also visited US Central Command in Florida, where he discussed military operations with Iraq and against ISIS terrorists. 

In Washington, Hagel and Morenes said the two allies would be cooperating together on the fight against ISIS.

Ebola Aid

Hagel and Morenes also vowed to cooperate in regard to the prevention and treatment of Ebola, which has killed more than 4,500 people, mainly in West Africa.

"The two leaders discussed how each of their nations is addressing the virus, focusing on the importance of strict protocols to protect the American and Spanish people," Pentagon spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.

Spain will allow US planes to use its bases in Moron and Rota in southern Spain to facilitate the transfer of material and personnel to badly hit West Africa, Morenes said.

The bases will also serve American troops being deployed to northern Iraq.