In the heart of Tel Aviv's secular club scene, Jews rejoiced in the Torah on Thursday night for the second hakafot, a set of additional celebrations at the end of the Simchat Torah holiday that comes after Sukkot.

Arutz Sheva was on scene to witness the rejoicing taking place in Tel Aviv's iconic Barby Club, where Yoni Genut and the Nosei Hakelim Band brought a different kind of music than the usual club fare.

Meanwhile in Petah Tikva, Avishai Amitzur and the Lechatchila Band were leading the festivities in the Hadar Ganim neighborhood, and in the Kfar Avraham neighborhood the Ruach Tzfonit Band was in full swing.

The Tel Aviv and central coast region that houses 70% of Israel's population may be widely considered to be the heart of the secular population in the Jewish state, but there have been recent signs of a religious renaissance in the region.

Some signs of that movement were seen following the June 12 abduction and murder of three Israeli teens by Hamas terrorists, in which Jerusalem and Tel Aviv were united in prayer for the safe return of the boys before their fate was known.

Educators in Tel Aviv last month in time for the opening of the school year reported that there has been a "meteoric" rise in religious education in the city, with many families becoming more observant and sending their children to more religious schools.

Likewise small businesses in Tel Aviv have been pushing to keep supermarkets in the city closed on Shabbat, amid Municipality and Knesset moves to change the status quo.

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