A US airstrike in Kobane.
A US airstrike in Kobane. Reuters

Turkey said Sunday that using Turkey as a corridor to transfer weapons and assistance to Kurdish fighters trying to defend the border city of Kobane from Isis was “unrealistic.” Speaking to French media, Mevlut Cavusoglu said that a “more comprehensive” approach was needed to stop ISIS.

"Turkey cannot actually give weapons and the civilians and ask to go back to fight with terrorist groups," Cavusoglu said in the interview, adding that “this (corridor) is not realistic. Who is going to supply the weapons today? First of all sending civilians to the war is a crime.

"Killing the mosquitoes one by one is not the right strategy. We have to eradicate the root causes of this situation,” he added. “Obviously it is the Assad regime in Syria," he said.

Currently, Kobane is under siege from nearly all sides by ISIS fighters, who have begun trying to take over neighborhoods on the edge of town. All entrances to the city are controlled by ISIS, except for the northern entrance, which is a very short distance from the Turkish border. It was for this reason, Western officials said, that the idea to equip anti-ISIS groups seeking to defend Kobani via Turkey was proposed.

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