Kim Jong-Un inspects submarine periscope
Kim Jong-Un inspects submarine periscope Reuters

There's "no indication" that North Korean autocratic leader Kim Jong-Un is no longer in power, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"Obviously, we are watching very carefully what's happening in North Korea. It's a country that we monitor with great attention," Rice said in response to a question on whether she was convinced that Kim Jong-Un is still the leader of North Korea.

"We have not seen any indications of a transfer of power at this point in North Korea that we view as definitive," Rice said. "But we'll continue to watch it carefully."

Kim missed a key anniversary of his Workers' Party at a mausoleum on Friday according to state media, for the first time since taking power in 2011. He hasn't been seen in public since attending a concert on September 3. In his last filmed appearance in July he was seen more overweight than usual and walking with a pronounced limp.

That led to speculations that he is ill, which his government has been denying, even after earlier admitting he was feeling "discomfort." This is the longest period Kim hasn't been seen since assuming office.

In the ceremony on Friday, the 69th anniversary of the party was held at the mausoleum for Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il, Jong-Un's father. However, Kim's name was not on the list of attendees.

There have been rumors that Kim may be suffering from gout, given the symptoms observed in his last appearance, and other rumors posit that Kim has been targeted by a coup or suffered a stroke.