IDF spidermen
IDF spidermenIDF Spokesman

Thirteen soldiers completed the IDF's Climbing, Rappelling and Rescue course last week, after facing a slew of diffficult challenges both high above the ground and deep inside it.

Now they will train the IDF's elite units in rescue through the use of ropes, and tactical actions.

The Climbing, Rappelling and Rescue instructors – referred to by the Hebrew acronym Tagah – are employed by the IDF's School for Counter-Terrorism, where they instruct combat soldiers, police officers and members of other security branches in climbing and rappelling, in order to overcome obstacles of height and depth during operational activity in a variety of environments, from snowbound regions to deserts.

The Tagah instructors's course lasts 8 months. The IDF units that are trained by Tagah instructors include Sayeret Matkal, the Shayetet 13 naval commando, the 669 rescue unit, Maglan and the Samur team in the Yahalom unit of the Engineering Corps.