Jewish worshiper at Djerba's ancient El Ghrib
Jewish worshiper at Djerba's ancient El Ghrib Reuters

A report Sunday said that Muslims had attempted to kidnap a Jewish child on the island of Djerba, in Tunisia. The report said that three Muslim thugs had attempted to kidnap the 12-year-old Jewish child in the center of the Jewish neighborhood on the island last Wednesday, on the eve of the holiday of Sukkot.

The youth managed to get away. He confirmed the story, telling community members that an elderly man who arrived in the neighborhood by taxi had ordered him to get into the vehicle. He refused to do so, and two large Muslim men approached him, apparently with the intent to grab him. The youth started screaming and yelling, and the Muslims pulled away in their vehicle.

Officials of the community filed a police complaint over the matter, and an investigation was opened. Police reportedly told family and community members that they were investigating lines of motive, beyond just anti-Semitism.

About 1,000 Jews live on Djerba, which in the past was home to a large and thriving Jewish community. Commenting on the manner, MK Shimon Ohayon, whose family hails from the community, told the NRG news site that recent incidents of anti-Semitism were becoming bolder and more serious, “to the extent that they are willing to kidnap a child in broad daylight.”

In May, masked Muslims entered the main market in Djerba. and stabbed Gabriel Ozen, 38, a Jewish jeweler and father of four. Passersby stated that the assailants yelled, "the nation of Mohammed is coming back to take revenge" shortly before the attack. 

According to local media reports, merchants on the scene were able to save Ozen. They also apprehended the perpetrator and turned him in to local police. Justice will not be served, however; more than a hundred masked men surrounded the police station and threatened to burn it down if the terrorist was prosecuted. The police released the assailant immediately.