Poster inciting against hareidi soldiers
Poster inciting against hareidi soldiers Arutz Sheva

While many Israelis were outraged by a recent anti-IDF poster campaign by hareidi extremists in which religious soldiers were portrayed as pigs, the campaign has received an enthusiastic endorsement from another group of anti-Zionists: Hamas.

On Saturday morning, a Hamas-aligned Twitter account retweeted the image, which showed a "pig" in an IDF uniform wearing a skullcap and peyot (sidecurls), waving a copy of the Talmud while hareidi children mocked his appearance.

Hamas retweets anti-Zionist hate:

The original poster was part of a crude propaganda campaign by fringe elements within the hareidi community to discourage hareidim from enlisting in the army. It was just the latest campaign by anti-Zionist extremists in response to the government's decision to pass a law ending the blanket exemption for hareidi yeshiva students from national service.

At least one leading Jerusalem rabbi issued a strong condemnation of the poster, which came shortly after Yom Kippur and just over a month after the IDF's 50-day war against Gaza terrorists, in which 66 soldiers were killed and hundreds wounded defending Israeli civilians from Islamist attacks.

"It is distressing to see our precious soldiers have not even recovered from Operation Protective Edge, and there is someone who dares to come out against them in such a blatant and virulent campaign," said Rabbi Eliyahu Schlezinger, who is the rabbi of the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo and a leading arbiter of Jewish law (halakha) in Jerusalem.

The retweet wouldn't be the first time Hamas has found a common cause with hareidi extremists; members of the radical Neturei Karta sect regularly attend pro-Hamas events and meet with high-level Hamas and Iranian government officials.

But the fact that such propaganda by hareidi extremists so closely mirrors those often disseminated by Islamist groups like Hamas represents a new low.