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Hours after NBA player Danny Green faced a firestorm for his "Holocaust selfie" in Berlin, a British soccer player made a similar blunder in merry old England. 

Liverpool defender Jose Enrique posted his tweet on Wednesday, showing his "new beard" - and what is characteristically called a "Hitler mustache." 

"Surprised my girlfriend with a new style of beard this morning, She didn't like it very much.. hahahahaha @AmyJaine," he tweeted, in jest. The Tweet can be seen here for those unable to view the embedded Tweet.

But Enrique's followers were less amused. 

One follower tweeted, "I hope you don’t got [sic] any Jewish followers," while another wrote "what is their [sic] to love about a clueless tweet refereeing [sic] to a fascist dictator like Hitler? offensive/misleading no matter what meaning you put it in, he should know not do it." 

Enrique did not comment on whether or not the cut was intentional, nor over the controversy it sparked. 

This is not the first time a UK football player has sparked outrage over anti-Semitism on the popular social media network - nor the first association anti-Semitism has had with the Liverpool Football Club.

Last month, LFC was forced to pull a Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) Tweet after a host of anti-Semitic comments appeared in response. 

And in August, police in Ireland launched an investigation into Gaelic footballer Tommy McGuigan, after he posted a (now-deleted) Tweet calling to "punch Jews."