Israel-Lebanon border
Israel-Lebanon border Flash 90

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Ron Prosor, on Wednesday called on the UN Security Council to act to disarm the Hezbollah terrorist group, following its attack on Israeli soldiers along the border a day earlier.

In a letter to the Security Council, Prosor pointed out that the Lebanese-based group blatantly violates the ceasefire with Israel that was reached at the end of the Second Lebanon War through a UN resolution.

"The Lebanese government is responsible for the fire towards Israel, and it must stop the spread of terrorism in its territory. Hezbollah is a threat to international peace and security," he wrote.

Israel “will not allow its citizens to be harmed,” Prosor stressed in the letter, calling on the Security Council, “Disarm Hezbollah and uproot the long arms of Iran and Syria from Lebanon.”

Tuesday’s bomb explosion wounded two IDF soldiers, and Hezbollah later claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was carried out by the "martyr Hassan Ali Haidar unit," which is named for a Hezbollah member killed on September 5 when an Israeli listening device in Lebanon was detonated remotely as he tried to dismantle it.

Hezbollah’s deputy leader, Naim Qassem, said Tuesday evening that the attack was meant to demonstrate the group’s ability to “respond to Israeli violations” and reiterated that his group is prepared to fight Israel if necessary.

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