Neo-Nazi (illustration)
Neo-Nazi (illustration) Reuters

The rampant anti-Semitism that has been ratcheting up worldwide spilled out in another incident targeting Jews this week, this time in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

A neo-Nazi biker stopped in front of a synagogue where he began to shout out anti-Semitic epithets and curses while waving a knife, reports Kol Yisrael (Israel Radio) on Monday, in an incident shortly after Yom Kippur which occurred on Saturday.

Police arrived to arrest the man, according to the report. It should be pointed out that the incident of neo-Nazism occurs in Austria, the birthplace of genocidal Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Austria has been the scene of shocking anti-Semitism, including one incident during Operation Protective Edge in late July when pro-Palestinian protesters physically attacked Israeli soccer players from the Maccabi Haifa team as they were playing a pre-season friendly match.

The protesters, who were holding up Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags and were reportedly of Turkish origin, stormed the field as the game against the French soccer team Lille was going on. They proceeded to spit at, curse and kick the Israeli players. Some of the players retaliated, as a brawl erupted on the field - fortunately no one was injured in the clash.

Anti-Semitism has been skyrocketing internationally in recent months, as evidenced in a recent survey that found incidents of anti-Semitism rose 383% worldwide in July compared to the previous year.

In Europe, where Austria is located, that rise was even higher at 436%, with many arguing the climate of anti-Semitism has reached epidemic proportions.

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