Netanel Arami, Rabbi Moshe Talbi, Shelly Dado
Netanel Arami, Rabbi Moshe Talbi, Shelly Dado Flash 90/Courtesy of the families

Miriam Arami, the bereaved mother of construction worker Netanel Arami hy''d who is thought to have been murdered by an Arab co-worker who cut both of his rapelling ropes, has accused the government of a campaign of covering up terrorist murderers.

Hundreds protested in Bat Yam Wednesday night after police just this week - two weeks after the murder - reversed their claims of a work accident and admitted to suspicions that Arami was murdered, in a terror attack that caused him to fall 11 stories to his death. There have yet to be arrests in the case.

Writing on a Facebook account opened by the family entitled "Netanel's Blood is All of Our Blood", Miriam connected the police attempt to cover up the case with similar cases.

Those cases include the 2011 murder of Rabbi Moshe Talbi hy''d, only recognized as a terror victim three-and-a-half years after he was shot to death in a framed suicide; Asher Palmer and Yonatan hy''d, his less-than-a-year-old infant son, who were murdered in a rock attack on their car in 2011 and declared victims of terror a full week later; and Shelly Dadon hy''d, brutally stabbed to death by an Arab taxi driver in May and recognized as a terror victim over two-and-a-half months later.

Miriam noted that Rabbi Talbi was only recognized as a terror victim "after a stubborn struggle by his family," and similarly Dadon was only recognized after a persistent struggle by the family.

In the case of Palmer and his son, she noted that "despite the fact that Asher's pistol was stolen, and a large rock that hit him was found in the car, the police claimed it was a traffic accident and only after a struggle by the family retracted and called it a terror attack."

The bereaved mother complained that also in the case of her son, they were victims not only to a murder but also to the "silencing of the murder."

"And now our Netanel, the father of two children, who was murdered by a lowly terrorist that cut his rapelling lines in a moment - but the police issued a media gag order and investigated as if it was a work accident, and we need to struggle for Netanel and his young widow," wrote Miriam.

The grieving mother added "how much longer can this situation continue? How much longer will we live in fear? Why do they silence the murder of Jews? Share these words so that the country shakes and Netanel will be the last victim."

Police on Wednesday announced "dramatic developments" in the investigation of Arami's murder. The announcement for some brought to mind similar police statements made early in the investigation of Dadon's death.

Arami leaves behind a pregnant wife and two small children.