Infiltrator rally (file)
Infiltrator rally (file) Flash 90

Former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari is leading the charge against a High Court decision last Monday that overruled key sections of the Infiltrators Law, ordering the closure of the Holot detention center and taking away powers allowing the state to hold infiltrators for a year without trial.

In a video post on his Facebook page Monday, Ben-Ari noted that he and other nationalist leaders, including May Golan and Baruch Marzel, will march against the ruling next Sunday at 6 p.m., leaving from the entrance to the Hatikva Market on Ha'hagana Street.

Ben-Ari called on participants in the march, which will lead to Levinsky Park in southern Tel Aviv, to bring black flags and black shirts in an equation of the High Court and the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group which similarly has a black flag.

Mincing no words, Ben-Ari compared the High Court to ISIS, the radical Islamist group rampaging through Iraq and Syria.

Supporting Ben-Ari's concern, police last Tuesday revealed there has been an incredible 40% drop in crime - and a 20% drop in serious crime - in southern Tel Aviv since Holot was opened last December.

With the High Court ruling, the intense violent crime that had been plaguing the area is anticipated to return in force, with the return of the infiltrators who number over 50,000, and have been proven time and again to be job migrants and not refugees as often claimed.

In the Facebook video, Ben-Ari can be seen brandishing a black flag with the word Bagatz (High Court) written on it in the style of the ISIS flag. In it, he remarks "you don't need ISIS to eliminate the state of Israel," hinting the High Court was doing a fine job of it without Islamic State help.

"The High Court ruling that struck down the Infiltrator Law determined the fate of the state of Israel to be destruction, and the fate of residents of southern Tel Aviv to be hell," warned Ben-Ari.

At the protest march next Sunday, "we will be there to say we are defending the flag of Israel," declared Ben-Ari.

The flag can be seen in the video below, which is in Hebrew: