Arson in Dolev
Arson in DolevCourtesy of Dolev

Firefighting forces conducted an investigation into the blaze that broke out last Friday night between Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Shabbat on laand adjacent to Dolev, a town located in Samaria just north of Jerusalem.

The result of their investigation found the fire to be caused by arson.

The investigation detailed that firefighters found molotov cocktails on the scene of the fire, giving further evidence to the criminal nature of the blaze.

Residents have reported in more detail the events last Friday, when Arab aronists lit large fires adjacent to Dolev by throwing molotov cocktails at the Jewish community. 

It took three hours of intense fighting to put out the blaze, not before it burned a large strip of land adjacent to Dolev into ash.

Dolev was not the only place targeted by Arab arsonists during Rosh Hashanah - Psagot, also to the north of Jerusalem, suffered having its security barrier apparently lit on fire by Arab attackers.

In Psagot it took four hours to control the raging fire.

The region has come in for frequent attacks in recent weeks, with the forest adjacent to Dolev targeted by arson three times in the last bit of time. Massive firefighting forces, aided by firefighting planes, were required to put out the fires.

In addition to arson, two months ago an electric tower was attacked, knocking out the electricity to the local communities Dolev, Talmon, Nahliel, Neria and Harsha for six hours.

Dolev arson Courtesy of Dolev