IDF patrol at Netiv Ha'asara (file)
IDF patrol at Netiv Ha'asara (file)Flash 90

Just a day after an Arab terrorist carrying a knife and spike was arrested after infiltrating into the area near Nahal Oz, another Gaza terrorist was arrested on Monday after infiltrating the security border.

The Gaza infiltrator was apprehended by the IDF in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council area, after apparently breaking through the barrier during riots near the security fence earlier in the day.

Dozens of rioters disrupted the order by the fence adjacent to the Netiv Ha'asara community to the north of Gaza. Concerns that one rioter had broken through the border led to extensive searches that eventually succeeded in locating the man.

He was then brought in for investigation; Walla! reports that he apparently was not armed.

Speaking about the Sunday infiltration, Security Officer for the Sdot Negev Regional Council Rafi Babiyan said wryly of the terrorists' intentions "I do not know where he was headed but let's just say this: he did not come to peel carrots at Kibbutz Alumim.”

The terrorist was caught eight kilometers inside Israel's territory – meaning that he penetrated a long way into Israel before he was caught.

"The event is an irregular one," agreed Babiyan, "and I am certain that the IDF will hold an inquiry into the event and learn lessons so that this kind of thing will not happen." As noted, the statements came a day before another infiltration event.