Netanel Arami hy''d
Netanel Arami hy''d Courtesy of the family

The family of Netanel Arami hy''d gave a shocking insight into the police investigation during Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Eli Ben-Dahan's (Jewish Home) condolence visit on Tuesday. Their son fell to his death last week from a building site in what is suspected as an act of terrorism.

Police have yet to release a gag order on the case, although reportedly when they arrived on the roof of the Petah Tikva building Arami fell from while rapelling they found his ropes cut and Arab workers laughing; the police inaction has sparked public outcry and protests.

Arami's parents, Rabbi Uziel and Miryam Arami, complained to Ben-Dahan about the police's "failed" management and inefficiency in investigating the apparent murder.

They noted that police didn't even come to them after Netanel's death, and didn't bother to receive information from the family that might aid in investigating possible nationalistic motives.

Netanel's mother Miryam told Ben-Dahan "even when (the police) arrived, they asked 'in brief' about the story and basically weren't interested. My second-oldest son spoke to Netanel a few minutes before (he died), and with him too they didn't check anything, or with another friend who apparently talked to him seconds before and during the fall."

Supporting the evidence of Arab terrorism, Netanel's wife Moriya revealed Sunday "my husband was a religious man, but he always went to work without a kippah on his head out of fear of the Palestinian workers employed at construction sites." She added he was an expert in rapelling and had no disputes.

"Inhumane" treatment of the bereaved family

Arami's family also complained on Tuesday about the manner in which the police informed them of their loved one's death.

"The police arrived very late (after the incident) to (Netanel's) widow's home and told her about the murder without any preparation, when her little children were in her arms," said Miryam. "No humanity. It's simply an embarrassment. It's as if they were informing her that her child fell in the garden downstairs."

The bereaved mother vowed that she would take action against the "inhumane" police management of the case, and that she would demand a clarification of their actions.

Ben-Dahan told the family that he intends to follow the progress of the investigation and to be in contact with Interior Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich to ensure the police complete the work properly.

"I intend to follow this investigation personally and to continue pressing until it is completed," said Ben-Dahan.

On Monday, Arami's father Uziel said "they (the Arabs - ed.) run over children wherever they have the opportunity, if its in a parking lot, in an elevator or stairs. I know what Arabs are, I live with Arabs, they're predatory animals. He waits for a little chance, waits for you in a corner - stabs you and runs."

Arami leaves behind his pregnant and grieving 24-year-old wife Moriya and two children, Eitan and Aviya. Moriya on Sunday revealed her husband's death has put the young family on the brink of financial collapse, saying "they cut our livelihood and our livesin a moment, and now I don't know what will happen with the debts."

Donations can be made to the family which is sitting shiva (the traditional intensive mourning period) at 13 Trumpeldor Street in the coastal town of Beit Dagan, or to bank account number 340639 under the name Moriya Arami (Zafdanski), Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal branch 382.

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