Shimon Peres 'skydiving'
Shimon Peres 'skydiving' Flash 90

Former President Shimon Peres stepped down as Israel's tenth president Reuven Rivlin assumed his post in July. But what has the outspoken Peres, an advocate for many years for the "two state solution," been doing with his newly found free-time?

The Peres Center for Peace decided to release a light-hearted video, written by Peres's granddaughter, showing how he has been occupying himself since.

It is worth noting that not everyone has been appreciative of Peres and his Center's work since he stepped down from office.

A youth goodwill soccer match between Israelis and Arab residents of Judea that Peres and his Center organized evoked outrage from the Palestinian Authority (PA), including a campaign to track down the Arab organizers, and even condemnation as a "crime against humanity."

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