Diamonds (illustrative)
Diamonds (illustrative)Israel News photo: Flash 90

Israel is well-known for being a first-class global diamond powerhouse. Diamonds of every shape, color and clarity are available in the country. From the traditional round brilliant diamond – the most classic and highly popular diamond cut – to colored diamonds of every hue of the rainbow and a wide variety of special cuts – Israel offers them all.

While round brilliant diamonds are renowned for their exceptional brilliance, having been cut according to proven mathematical theories that maximize the light through the top of the diamond, diamond and jewelry companies in Israel have a great reputation all over the world for their unique diamond cutting and polishing techniques.

Special diamond cuts, referred to as fancy cuts in the diamond trade, refer to any diamond cut other than the round brilliant, including emerald, baguette, square, triangular and more. The cut for any particular diamond is chosen according to a number of factors, including the shape of the rough diamond before cutting, the carat weight of the diamond, as well as fashion trends and demand.

The heart of Israel's diamond sector

The Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan serves as the heart of the country’s diamond trading sector, with thousands of companies offering diamonds of every imaginable variety. Foreign nationals are welcome to purchase diamonds tax-free in Israel. Since members of the public are unable to enter the Israel Diamond Exchange without an invitation from a company that has offices there, it is advisable to be in touch with one of the companies prior to your visit. You can find more information about these companies on the Israel Diamond Institute’s website via the diamond or jewelry company indexes that describes what diamonds the company specializes in.

Each diamond purchase must undergo the export process which takes place inside the customs office within the diamond exchange complex. Once the procedure is finished, your diamond will be returned to you in a sealed envelope stamped by the Israeli customs department. You then have the choice of taking the diamond with you, or shipping it via a logistics company.

Jewelry stores in abundance

The Israel Diamond Exchange complex also offers a variety of jewelry stores in the vicinity which offer diamonds and gemstones set in exquisite, unique jewelry pieces. Some of these jewelry stores offer visitors tours of the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum which is located within the diamond exchange area.

The diamond museum, which hosts a permanent exhibit of diamonds, gems and jewelry, offers visitors an insight into the journey that a diamond takes from the diamond mine to the jewelry store. The interactive museum, suitable for both kids and adults, explains diamond grading, the various stages of diamond manufacture, and includes a display of replicas of some of the world’s most famous diamonds.