Mossad agents (illustration)
Mossad agents (illustration) Screenshot

The Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence agency, launched a new website on Monday to recruit men and women interested in covertly defending the Jewish state from its myriad of enemies.

The new site can be viewed in English here, and also can be browsed in Hebrew, French, Russian, Arabic and Farsi.

A statement released announcing the new site revealed "the goal of the upgraded site is to make the organization more accessible to potential recruits who may not be exposed to the variety of positions - in operations, intelligence, technology and cyber, and administration - available."

"The State of Israel has been – and remains – under daily, tangible threats," said Mossad Director Tamir Pardo on the occasion of the new site launch. "We must continue to recruit the best people into our ranks so that the Mossad might continue to lead, defend and allow for the continued existence of the State of Israel."

Pardo added "the Mossad's qualitative human capital is the secret of our success. The Mossad will continue to operate wherever and whenever necessary in order to defend the security of the State of Israel."

A promotional video for the Mossad, released in Hebrew on Sunday ahead of the new site launch, can be seen here:

The timing of the launch comes the same day that reports revealed legendary Mossad leader Mike Harari passed away on Sunday, the day before launch.

Harari, the renowned commander of the special ops espionage unit Caesarea and later founder of the Kidon assassination unit, was eulogized by Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon as being "one of that rare breed of the builders of the country."

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