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Unemployment office (file)Flash 90

Unemployment was up in August during Operation Protective Edge, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Monday - the unemployment rate was 6.4% in August, up from 6.2% in July.

However, there was some good news: the number of Israeli men participating in the workforce hit an all-time high in August.

Among men 25-64 years old, 84.5% were either working or actively looking for work, up from 83.9% in July. The number of women participating in the workforce dropped slightly in August, from 74.4% to 74.3%.

Overall, 79.3% of all Israelis 25-64 years of age were either working or actively looking for work.

A total of 3,546,000 Israelis worked in August, 0.1% less than worked in July.

Among those working, 16,000 fewer people were employed full time (35 hours a month or more), with the full-time employment rate slipping 0.6% in August from July.

However, 23,000 more people were working part-time, up to 35 hours a week, with that figure rising 3% over the number in July. Economists said that the change was in line with seasonal patterns, and that the fall and winter months would see more full-time workers getting jobs.