tourists at Ben-Gurion airport
tourists at Ben-Gurion airport Flash 90

The Israeli Airport Authority (IAA)'s employees have chosen to identify with postal workers threatened with dismissal on Wednesday, according to Channel 2, and have announced a general strike at Ben-Gurion International Airport Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

IAA Workers' Committee Chairman Pinchas Idan announced the strike Wednesday afternoon.

During the strike, flights will not be allowed to depart for their destinations and passengers arriving will not receive their luggage. 

IAA officials insist that the impromptu flight strike will cause all parties to find a solution to Israel's mail crisis that much faster. 

"It is inconceivable that the state will fire 1,500 workers and disadvantage its own employees, and instead contract new workers," Idan stated. 

The strike surfaces at a particularly sensitive time in Israel, when thousands arrive - and depart - to visit the Jewish state or see relatives during the High Holidays.

Thousands of Breslov Hassidim are expected to travel to Uman, Ukraine on Thursday for their annual pilgrimage to the tomb of the Breslover Rebbe (Rabbi Nachman).

At the same time, the aviation and tourism industries have only just begun their recovery from the effects of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza on tourism, and the strike could be yet another crippling blow to the economy.

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