Over 100 residents of southern Tel Aviv's working class neighborhoods held a protest Monday evening at the Tel Aviv Museum and called on the High Court for Justice not to strike down the Infiltrators' Law. The judges are to decide on the matter following a motion filed by leftist “human rights” organizations that lobby strenuously for allowing illegal immigrants to flood Israel and remain here.

The protest was spearheaded by May Golan, head of the Hebrew City movement, who leads the struggle of working-class Tel Aviv residents to begin deporting the immigrants, who they say have turned their lives into a nightmare. Golan explained to Arutz Sheva's Yoni Kempinski that “human rights” groups simply do not care about the suffering of the Jewish residents of Tel Aviv.

The protest included nine extremely harsh testimonies by survivors of attacks by infiltrators. These include sexual attacks, theft, and physical assaults.

Due to the extremely high crime rate that the immigrants have brought with them, the streets of southern Tel Aviv have become no-go zones for women after dark, but prominent MKs like Michal Rosin of Meretz, who headed the nationwide network for assisting victims of sexual assault for many years, have not taken any action to assist these women. Instead, they fight vigorously for the rights of the illegal immigrants.

The government set up an open detention facility in Holot near the Sinai border last December, where 1,800 are required to sign in three times a day and return for an evening curfew. The Court is reviewing this and other policies regarding the infiltrators.

Last week, US-based NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Israel of "illegally" sending almost 7,000 illegal immigrants back to their home countries in Africa.

"Israel's convoluted legal rules thwart Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers' attempts to secure protection under Israeli and international law," claimed HRW in the 83-page report.

Responding to the accusatory HRW report, a spokesperson for Israel's Population and Migration Authority said "Israel acts legally and in an appropriate and proportional manner in order to deal with the phenomenon of illegal infiltrators. The growth in number of those leaving Israel of their own will is three times higher in 2014 than in 2013. This proves the policy is effective."

Aside from the new legislation, another factor in the rising number of infiltrators choosing to go home may have been the terror war Hamas launched on Israel in July and in August. While there was no specific connection to the war, observers said that many in the infiltrator community were taken by surprise by the intensity of the war– and many of them have apparently decided that Israel isn't necessarily the best place for them.

A total of 379 illegals voluntarily left Israel in August, more than had left the previous four months altogether. It was also significantly more than had left the country in August the previous year, when 216 illegals voluntarily emigrated.

So far this year, 5,388 illegal Africans have left Israel voluntarily; Israeli authorities who have investigated the infiltrators have repeatedly reported that nearly all of them sneaked into Israel looking for job opportunities.

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