A chilling new video circulating the internet shows two masked Hamas supporters firing on a Border Patrol post in Shuafat, a neighborhood in north-east Jerusalem, in the latest escalation of a recent rise in terrorist activity in the capital city.

The two men, wearing green Hamas headbands, can be seen firing a modified Carl Gustav sub-machine gun on the post from around a corner. The incident appears to have occurred in the last few days as it was posted on September 13 by Palestinian Arab Facebook users.

There has been a recent spiraling of Arab terrorism in Jerusalem.

Reports last Monday revealed terror attacks in the capital have been growing exponentially in past months, with 152 terror attacks and incidents recorded in July and August, a marked rise from previous months.

Around 130 police officers have been wounded in the latest surge of terror, with fireworks being used as a weapon with increasing frequency.

However, as the new video presents in an alarming illustration, much more lethal "fireworks" are at the disposal of the Arab rioters and terrorists in Jerusalem in the form of home-made weapons, including semi-automatic weapons like those used in the film.

One incident that posed a particularly grave threat was the attempt to blow up a gas station in the French Hill neighborhood last Sunday by Arab rioters from Issawiya. Police have arrested four Arab youths on suspicion of carrying out the attack.