Housing Minister Uri Ariel
Housing Minister Uri ArielNissim Lev

The Socioeconomic Cabinet approved on Sunday Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel's proposal to increase by 5,000 the quota of permits for Palestinian construction workers from Judea and Samaria allowed to work in pre-1967 Israel. 

Minister Ariel said regarding the decision, "We require 5,000 Palestinian workers in the construction industry to increase the supply of housing. Contractors desperately need the help and it is our obligation to provide it for the benefit of the general public." 

"In addition," Ariel continued, "We are working to bring foreign workers from other countries like China and Romania.These foreign workers are professionals who will help accelerate the construction work in order to facilitate the marketing of lands and cheap housing projects." 

The Ministry of Construction and Housing has indicated that increasing the number of foreign workers for this real estate emergency is in discussion at all times, both in Israel and abroad. At the same time, actions are being taken to develop a local work force, including the training of 2000 new Israeli workers. 

The Cabinet also instructed the Ministry of Transportation to increase the public transportation services in the areas of Judea and Samaria in order to subsidize the travel of Palestinian workers into Israel. The workers cannot use cars to this purpose. The Ministry of Finance has agreed to allocate an additional budget of 5 million shekels for this purpose.