International Criminal Court
International Criminal Court Reuters

Hamas politburo head Khaled Mashaal, an undisputed war criminal of the highest degree, said in a news conference in Tunisia that Hamas would like to utilize the current period of time to consolidate what it sees as its accomplishments in the latest confrontation with Israel.

Mashaal spoke of several steps that must be taken simultaneously: rebuilding the Gaza Strip; national reconciliation; the creation of a mechanism for managing the conflict and “hounding the Occupation,” by which he means a diplomatic and legal campaign.

Mashaal called upon the Palestinian Authority to hurry up and sign the ICC's "Rome Statute," in order to file lawsuits against the leaders of Israel at the Hague International Court.

Mashaal said that hounding Israel will increase its isolation and relay a message that Israel has turned into a burden on the western countries, because it acts in an immoral fashion and can no longer serve any role for the “Imperialist powers.”