Muslim woman (illustrative only)
Muslim woman (illustrative only) Israel news photo: Flash 90

An Israeli woman who converted to Islam and married a Muslim Arab was sentenced to a year in prison Sunday after she smuggled her husband into Israel illegally. The woman illicitly took advantage of the trust the state put in her as a security official stationed at the Meitar checkpoint, on the road between Hevron and Beersheva.

Her husband, a resident of the Daheishe refugee camp, remained in Israel illegally without a permit, a Beersheva court said in its decision. Besides smuggling her husband into Israel, the woman did the same for other members of his family, and also gave him a handgun and some of her ammunition.

Besides being convicted of aiding and abetting an illegal alien and transferring her weapon to him – both felonies – the woman was also convicted on 5 other offenses, including fraud and breach of trust. The judge noted that the perpetrator’s deeds endangered the state and its citizens. She was sentenced to a year in jail and six months probation.

Anti-missionary group Yad L'Achim said that many such cases have occurred in the past. Among the best-known is the case of Muhammad Anbauoi of the Arab village of Shuafat near Jerusalem, who was sentenced to over two years in prison by the Jerusalem District Court. Anbauoi was punished for stealing an M-16 rifle from a soldier, taking advantage of his friendship with a Jewish soldier.

Yad L'achim reiterated the dangers of assimilation – from a security point of view. “Such relationships,” said Yad L'Achim, “are an existential threat to state security, both morally and physically.”