Preparing for more construction at Ramat Giva
Preparing for more construction at Ramat GivaNofei Israel

Slowly but sure, without great fanfare, the Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood north of Jerusalem, is breaking sales records and is moving steadily towards realizing the dream of this unique neighborhood in the Jerusalem Hills. The sales department of Nofei Israel, the developer of the project, has reported heightened interest, and the signature of many contracts. Since the municipal urban plan was accepted several months ago, sales have spiked and in all more than 60 percent of the units in the neighborhood have been sold!

To date, all the three room apartments have been sold, and there are fewer than 10 four room apartments left. There are several five room apartments and garden and penthouse units still available. Furthermore, the Ramah on the Park project, two unique buildings in the neighborhood overlooking the park, has recently been put on the market.

The developers of the project emphasize that the impetus for the heightened sales - aside for the many advantages the project offers - is the rapid pace of development and constructions at the site. The developers have completed laying ground for 70 percent of the roads in the neighborhood, and within three months, all the lots for the Bnei Beitcha section will be cleared for construction. This is an impressive pace that proves the developers’ intentions to meet timetables so that those who purchased lots for the villas can begin to build their dream homes as soon as possible.

News of the unique neighborhood is spreading and generating waves. The composition of families planning to settle there is exceptional, and includes Israeli families as well as new olim from Orthodox communities in the United States who have decided to settle there. The revolutionary concept combines a green setting with spacious parks, playgrounds, landscaped gardens, wide roads, brightly lit walking paths and intersections with water fountains, with suitable education institutions and a variety of community facilities.

Ramat Givat Zeev is the flagship project of Nofei Israel, a company with a solid record in developing housing solutions for the chareidi community in Israel. The neighborhood offers a range of housing options: some 150 private homes with individually planned designs; two family cottages, and some 250 large apartments. Most of the private lots have been sold, and marketing of the apartments is in full swing.