Bat-Galim and Ofir Sha'ar (file)
Bat-Galim and Ofir Sha'ar (file) Flash90

Bat-Galim Sha'ar, the mother of abducted and murdered 16 year-old Gilad, spoke passionately about the need to stop terror and bloodshed Thursday after new details were revealed about her son's murder. 

"Even during the difficult days we went through, after we found out that Gilad was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, we stated that we rely on the security forces and the government," Sha'ar began. "Today again we see the system has not been idle, and that the security establishment also stands as a bulwark, when we need to settle an account with those who want to harm citizens of the state." 

"The indictment was filed today against those who used their own land to drench it with blood when they buried our sons in it," she continued. "This is the difference between the attitude of the State of Israel and our enemies: while Israel seeks to build up the country and its soil, by establishing settlements and planting trees and flowers, the murderers used this land to bury the bodies of our children."

"The Jewish people revere life, and the enemy reveres death," she added. 

Sha'ar added that the murder, and the legal process which has followed, exploits Israel's democracy. 

"The murderers of our children, who are contemptible and despicable, are exploiting the democratic freedom and human love of our people," she declared. "This is vile and unacceptable, and must end."

"This distorted way of thinking of our enemies is completely different from the principles and beliefs that guide us, and we must remember that without getting confused when we discuss ways to deal with them," she added. "The State of Israel and the entire sane world should know to put an end to terror and grief."

Gilad, along with 16 year-old Naftali Frenkel and 19 year-old Eyal Yifrah, hy"d, were abducted on June 12. Their bodies were found some three weeks later, and their abduction captivated the Jewish world. 

Earlier Thursday, an indictment was published for Hussam Hassan Kawasmeh, who owned the plot of land in which the murdered teens' bodies were discovered. Abductors Marwan Kawasmeh and Amar Abu-Eishah are both still on the run; the IDF demolished their families' homes last month and sealed Kawasmeh's.