Shai Piron
Shai Piron Flash 90

School is set to start Monday on schedule, Education Minister Shai Piron said Sunday. For the first time in several years, there are no threats of labor actions by teachers dissatisfied with their contracts – and the current ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, assuming it continues to hold, means that children can safely gather at bus stops and walk to school without being subjected to rocket attacks.

There had been fears that many schools would not open on September 1, the official opening date for state schools. As late as last week, mayors in cities and local authorities throughout the south said that they would not open schools on time if Color Red alert warnings that rockets were being fired by Gaza terrorists did not cease altogether. With the implementation of the ceasefire, the mayors said Sunday that schools in their communities would open Monday.

This year's theme, said Piron, is tolerance. “During the first two weeks we will discuss, among other things, the issue of solidarity of different segments of the nation, and the importance of the State of Israel and its values. We will discuss the importance of speaking freely and openly, while eliminating slogans and statements that could destroy society,” said Piron.

“We will also increase discussions on values, and help children achieve the goal of living in the healthy and safe society they deserve to live in,” he added.