Marwan Barghouti
Marwan Barghouti Reuters

Arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti of the Fatah faction released a message from his Israeli jail cell last Wednesday, in which called for Fatah to return to violent "resistance," i.e. terrorism, and abandon negotiations with Israel.

Barghouti, who is currently serving multiple life sentences for his role in planning numerous deadly terrorist attacks, was found in a May poll conducted among Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza as being favored for president of a new unity government between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

In his newest message, published in the Gaza-based news site Al-Watan Voice and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Barghouti notes that Fatah is coming up on its fiftieth anniversary next January. "Just as it had the honor to fire the first bullet against the Zionist enemy, so the hands of the Fatah members...will fire the final bullet against this occupation," wrote Barghouti.

According to the jailed terrorist, the recent terror war waged by Hamas on Israel which reached a ceasefire on Tuesday "has proven that the option of resistance is proper and appropriate. We have always emphasized, and have repeatedly called for, a creative combination of political diplomatic action and general resistance with all its capabilities."

"The time has come for Fatah members to roll up their sleeves and take part in the biggest (ever) comprehensive resistance, with the appropriate methods and tactics, to realize the goal," declared Barghouti, calling for Fatah not to let Hamas outpace it in terror.

The arch-terrorist likewise called for support on Hamas's demand for a sea and airport in Gaza, as well as a removal of the blockade, "so that this battle will leverage our ongoing national struggle."

"Impotence of the entire Palestinian political apparatus"

Barghouti went on to decry the current PA leadership, noting the great media outpouring in support of Gaza during the operation by saying "the world acts firmly and effectively only when fires are burning, and the occupation will go away only when it realizes that it is paying too high a price and that it has no future."

However, Barghouti noted that efforts to light the "fires" are hampered due to the "schism" between the PA and Hamas, and "the weakness and impotence of the entire Palestinian political apparatus."

The terrorist called for elections to the Legislative Council, presidency and Palestinian National Council in creating a unity government "capable of confronting the major challenges now that the impotence and weakness of the current Palestinian regime has become obvious."

No more negotiations

In terms of peace talks with Israel, which PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas torpedoed in April by sealing a unity deal with the terrorist organization Hamas, Barghouti announced that such moves are a travesty for Fatah.

"Fatah is a national liberation movement and resistance movement; resistance is its spirit and raison d'être, and that any attempt to distance the movement from this fundamental essence will avail nobody," emphasized the jailed terrorist.

"The time has come for Fatah to prepare for a new phase – a phase of growth, and a phase of an end to the illusion of achieving independence and freedom with futile negotiations," stated Barghouti. "The time has come for the Fatah movement to renew its ideology."

It is worth noting that Fatah's "ideology," as expressed in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) charter of 1968, declares "armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine." Following the charter, the PLO and Fatah were defined internationally as terror organizations, a status which was removed during the 1993 Oslo Accords process.

Recently senior officials in Fatah and the faction's "military wing," the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, have said they reached a "political decision" to support Arab terrorists "slaughtering" Jews living in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.

They likewise have called for a full return to terrorismdeclaring "open war" on the Jewish state and falsely claiming to have murdered 11,000 Israelis. Fatah also recently called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel. The calls have been acted on in a recent surge of attacks by Fatah terrorists.