Former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari slammed the ceasefire deal between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas on Tuesday night, in a video message on his Facebook page shortly after the deal went into effect at 7 p.m. 

"It's clear to all of us that when a mouse fights with a lion, and the lion pleads for a ceasefire - even if the mouse leaves this campaign with a damaged tooth and eye, the mouse feels like it won, because both the tooth and the eye it can repair and replace in the near future," said Ben-Ari in parable.

The ex-MK warned "in the next campaign the mouse will no longer be a mouse, and the lion will no longer be a lion." He lambasted the Israeli government for "holding negotiations under fire with a gang of terrorists," something which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu swore he would not do a mere two weeks ago.

Ben-Ari quoted Netanyahu, who recently said "Hamas is ISIS, ISIS is Hamas," referencing the extremist Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terror group rapidly conquering Iraq and Syria.

"That means that Netanyahu held negotiations with ISIS," commented Ben-Ari, following through the implications of Netanyahu's comparison.

"Why didn't we win the war? ...We didn't win this war, because winning was not the goal. Not once did we hear that the goal of the IDF and the Israeli government was to win the campaign. They spoke about quiet, they spoke about ceasefires," lamented Ben-Ari.

The former MK bashed the fantasy "that Israel is succumbing to," under which Gaza can exist "quietly" next to the state of Israel through the false notion that "they have nothing against us, after all we gave them every last centimeter" of Gaza.

"They aren't willing to listen to what they're saying in Gaza; they want to destroy the state of Israel up to the last zionist," said Ben-Ari, reminding that "zionists" according to Gaza also include far-left Israelis, "who aren't zionists at all."

"Learn from the Munich Agreements"

Dr. Ben-Ari then gave a quick history lesson, referencing the Treaty of Versailles that after World War I placed "all kinds of limitations on Germany. But they didn't destroy the murderous, imperialistic German regime that wanted to conquer all of Europe."

He noted how the situation continued downhill as the world offered Germany appeasement, giving them the Sudetenland in the Munich Agreements, which he compared to Gaza and the Gaza Belt communities "that have been abandoned (by the government) for 14 years."

Citing the German precedent, Ben-Ari warned "this submission to Hamas - and it is submission - will bring ISIS here."

Therefore, the former MK said as he has consistently called for since the start of Operation Protective Edge on July 8: "it's not us AND Gaza, it's us OR Gaza; if we don't destroy Gaza...they will destroy us."

"We have a responsibility to our children. We have a responsibility to the Jewish state that was reestablished here after two thousand years," remarked Ben-Ari.

Responding to the claims of Israeli victory given that it will take "ten years" to rebuild the damage in Gaza, Ben-Ari stated "and what about our three-year-old children, they won't celebrate a bar mitzvah (at age 13)? The next offensive will be (a) chemical (war)? ...That's not leadership."

Ben-Ari reiterated the need to wipe out Gaza, and move its residents to "all the countries in the world. And the only thing that will be in Gaza is the reconstruction of the Jewish community. Because there's no difference between Gaza and Ashkelon; that's what they (the Arabs) say, and that's what we must understand."