"Sheriff's t-shirt"?
"Sheriff's t-shirt"? Screenshot

"Sheriff's t-shirt"?

That's how retail giant Zara is marketing this rather... bizarre choice of design for a children's outfit, to say the least:

"Sheriff's outfit"?
"Sheriff's outfit"? Screenshot

Zara Israel apologized for the shirt and promised it would be taken off the shelves.

"The design for the item from the Cowboy Collection for babies was inspired by the sheriff's character in wild west movies,” the firm said,

"In this item, one can see that the word 'sheriff' is written on the star. And yet, we can understand the sensitivity, the context and the connotation that resulted. The item is not on offer in Israel and once the matter was made apparent it was decided to take it off the sales shelves worldwide and destroy it.

"We express our sincere apologies if, as a result, we hurt our clients' feelings.”