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The Jerusalem District Attorney on Tuesday submitted an indictment against Wael Karameh, an Arab resident of Jerusalem's Anata neighborhood in the east of the capital, for aiding the murderers of Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16) and Gilad Sha'ar (16) hy''d.

The indictment that was submitted to the Jerusalem Magistrates Court charged Karameh with disturbing court proceedings, and giving shelter to the known criminal Hussam Kawasmeh, reports Walla!.

Kawasmeh, a Hamas commander from Hevron, was arrested earlier this month and is said to have been the mastermind behind the June 12 abduction and murder, which was physically carried out by his brother Marwan and another accomplice Amar Abu-Eisha. The two are still at large, as is another Kawasmeh brother Mahmoud Ali, who reportedly helped plan and finance the mission from Gaza. 

According to the indictment, Hussam Kawasmeh arrived at Karameh's Jerusalem home along with his brother Marwan, asking for shelter during the wave of arrests in Judea and Samaria during Operation Brother's Keeper which sought to rescue the three teens.

Karameh agreed and sheltered the fugitive terrorist murderers.

After the bodies of the three teens were found on June 30 in a field close to the Arab village of Halhul near Hevron that belongs to the Kawasmeh family, Kawasmeh again asked to stay at Karameh's home for several more days over fears that the Palestinian Authority (PA) might act against him due to the corroboration of his involvement.

Again Karameh agreed, letting Kawasmeh stay at his house until July 11 when Israeli security sources arrived at his home and arrested the Hamas terrorist.

A court discussion on the extension of Karameh's detention until the end of proceedings will be held on Thursday.

The Hamas terrorist organization only recently finally admitted that it was indeed responsible for the June 12 abduction and murder.

Gilad managed to call the police emergency number just after being kidnapped; recordings of the tape, aside from raising serious questions of police incompetency, revealed the fatal gunshots, and Kawasmeh and Abu-Eisha talking and even, chillingly, singing.

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