Army of Islam terrorist in Gaza (file)
Army of Islam terrorist in Gaza (file) Flash 90

In coordinated action between the IDF and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) on Sunday, terrorists from the Gaza terror group "Army of Islam" were eliminated right before they were about to attack Israel.

The terrorists were driving together in a car in Gaza City, and according to the IDF were about to launch rockets from a launch site near a school.

They were taken out in a pinpoint IAF airstrike as they drove in the Sheijaya neighborhood, which has seen heavy fighting during Operation Protective Edge.

According to Palestinian Arab reports the strike, which took out the terrorists' car as it traveled next to a mosque, left four people dead.

ISA released a statement noting that "Army of Islam" is closely aided, funded, and operates under the patronage of Hamas in Gaza.

The assassination comes as the latest in a recent string of targeted strikes.

Hamas's top financial chief and "Justice Minister," Mohammed al-Ghoul, was taken out by an Israeli airstrike on his car Sunday. Pictures of the ruined car showed numerous wads of US dollars, indicating he was actively transferring money to fund terror attacks.

Meanwhile last Thursday, three top commanders of Hamas's "military wing," the Al-Qassam Brigades, were taken out in a pre-dawn strike. The elimination of the three, Mohammed Abu Shamalah, Raed al-Attar and Mohammed Barhum, essentially wiped out Hamas's entire southern military command in Gaza.

The wave of assassinations began last Tuesday night, after Hamas breached the ceasefire. The IDF conducted an airstrike against Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif, killing his wife and two of his children in the process. There are conflicting reports, with Hamas claiming he survived, but not saying anything about his condition.

According to recent reports Sunday, Israel knew the location of the arch-terrorist Deif as many as three days ahead of the strike, but chose not to act on the rare opportunity to take him out due to the ceasefire.

In response to the spate of assassinations, an ever more paranoid Hamas has executed at least 25 "collaborators" with Israel, and just recently arrested 150 more "collaborators."