Anti-Israel graffiti on Copenhagen school
Anti-Israel graffiti on Copenhagen schoolEuropean Council of Jewish Communities

Photographic evidence has been received from the vandalism attack on a Jewish school in Copenhagen last Thursday night, giving a more palpable sense to the rising global anti-Semitism during Operation Protective Edge.

Carolineskolen, a school for some 200 students aged six to 16 in the Danish capital, was apparently broken into by vandals who cut through a fence to get in, reports the Copenhagen Post.

Once inside, the vandals smashed windows and wrote "No peace in Gaza" and "No peace to you Zionist pigs" on the walls of the school.

The parents of a number of the students kept their children home last Friday out of fears of the anti-Semitic intimidation; those who arrived were given a special meeting to discuss the situation.

"We have explained to the children that this has arisen due to the conflict in Israel," said Headteacher Jan Hansen. "We feel far removed from that conflict. We’re just a Jewish school in Copenhagen."

Broken Copenhagen school window and graffiti European Council of Jewish Communities

The specter of rising global anti-Semitism has proven that no Jewish community can really dissociate itself from the Jewish state, even Carolineskolen, which was founded in 1805 and describes itself as the world's second oldest still functioning Jewish school.

A recent study found that anti-Semitic incidents in July rose 383% over the same month last year; in Europe that rise was as high as 436%.

In response to the alarming rise in anti-Semitism in Denmark, two weeks ago local politicians organized a "kippah march" in central Copenhagen in support of Jewish people's right to display their religion openly.