Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hosted visiting Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) Thursday and told him that it is time for Israel and the US to unite in their fight against Islamist terrorism.

“We face the same Islamist network and we have to fight it together,” said Netanyahu during a photo opportunity. “Hamas is ISIS, ISIS is Hamas. You saw the gruesome beheading of James Foley. We see the gruesome murder and execution of three teenagers which Hamas has just admitted that they did. These are both branches of the same poisonous tree. The free world, the democracies have to stand together against this terrorism. That's the only way we'll roll them back. Ultimately that's the only way we'll defeat them.”

Issa concurred: “We are at a pivotal time when the world, both the Arab [world] and the west have awakened to ISIS as a second threat, over and above the Iranian threat through all of their tentacles,” he said. Issa added that Jordan and Egypt, which he has also visited, share a common interest in the fight against fundmentalism.