IAF air strike in Gaza (file)
IAF air strike in Gaza (file) Flash 90

Egypt on Wednesday called for a resumption of talks to achieve a long-term truce between Israel and Gaza-based terrorists, expressing its "profound regret at the breach of the ceasefire in Gaza."

Hostilities resumed late on Tuesday when Hamas launched a barrage of rockets, first at towns and cities in southern Israel and later, following an IDF response, firing a furious shower of long-range rockets at Israeli population centers in Israel's densely-populated center, among other  regions.

At least 60 rockets have been fired in total since the truce was breached on Tuesday, including a fresh salvo this morning.

In response, the IDF said it struck 30 terror targets in Gaza overnight, including an air strike aimed at Hamas's military leader, Mohammed Deif.

Deif's wife and daughter were killed in the strike, along with one other unidentified person, but no word has yet surfaced on the condition of the terrorist mastermind himself.

It is the fifth time the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades commander has been targeted for assassination. Deif escaped the previous four attempts with his life but is confined to a wheelchair after suffering a series of severe injuries, including the loss of both legs.

The military also called up 2,000 reservists, as both sides prepare for more violence.

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