Danny Danon
Danny DanonFlash 90

MK Danny Danon (Likud) on Wednesday morning commented on the renewal of rocket fire and ceasefire breach by Gaza terrorists on Israel the day before, and pointed out who he held culpable for the free hand given to Hamas.

"We now need to hammer in an additional final nail in the coffin of Hamas, we must act with strength and decisiveness to topple Hamas," remarked the former Deputy Defense Minister.

Danon sharply criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's longtime policy of "quiet will be met by quiet," in which Israel took no military action against the terror hothouse of Gaza until rockets were fired, and only then responded with limited retaliatory airstrikes.

"The policy of 'quiet will be met by quiet' brought about the humiliation of Israel, and now we are at a critical juncture in time in which if we don't act, the Israeli deterrence will erode and be harmed," warned Danon.

Netanyahu and Danon have been at odds in a tension which came to a head last month when Netanyahu fired Danon from his role as Deputy Defense Minister, after Danon criticized Netanyahu's decision to accept a ceasefire with the Hamas terror group.

"It is unacceptable that the deputy defense minister attacks so sharply the actions of the government that is leading the operation," stated Netanyahu at the time.

While many claimed Netanyahu's acquiescence to the ceasefire was a ploy to gain global support after Hamas breached it, which it did - although global support was not entirely forthcoming - Danon noted two weeks ago that his criticism was vindicated after Hamas's terror tunnel system was lethally unveiled just after the ceasefire.

Netanyahu was acting as a "contractor of the left," accused Danon, remarking that the ceasefire Netanyahu accepted would have left the tunnel system intact to potentially be used in massacring Israelis.

After Netanyahu last Tuesday reportedly met with ministers to "soften" them up for Israeli concessions, Danon firmly stated "you do not do business with a terrorist organization. The agreement being put together will allow Hamas to raise its status on the Arab street and upgrade its military capabilities."