Tamir Pardo
Tamir Pardo Flash 90

The Prime Minister's Office is unhappy with an appearance by Mossad Head Tamir Pardo before market leaders in early July, details of which leaked to the media.

The PMO's legal advisor, Shlomit Barne'a-Fargo, wrote a letter to the Movement for Quality of Government, in which she made it clear that Pardo's appearance before the group of 30 businessmen, and his statements there, were a mistake. The contents of the letter were quoted by Ha'aretz's Barak Ravid.

Barne'a-Fargo's letter says that “the Head of the Institute for Intelligence and Special Duties [Mossad] does not usually take part in events such as these, and his participation in this kind of event was a one-off occurence, and in retrospect should not have taken place.”

Pardo told the assembled businessmen that the confllict with the Palestinians, not the Iranian nuclear program, is the central threat on Israel's security. In addition, when asked about the influence of extreme terrorist group ISIS in Iraq, he said that the group “embraces” the country's citiens with education and welfare services “like Shas.”

"This is a disturbing threat to Israel, and they have come to stay,” Pardo said according to the report. “They embrace their target audience like Shas, they have an educational and welfare system. This is an organziation that believes in murder for murder's sake. Hamas is 'lite' compared to them.”

Shas was angered by the statement and Pardo issued an apology.

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