Hamas Al-Qassam Brigade terrorists
Hamas Al-Qassam Brigade terrorists Flash 90

A senior Hamas leader declared ahead of the end of the current 72-hour ceasefire, which will come at midnight on Wednesday, that the current lull in fighting is the last chance for Israel to negotiate with his terrorist organization.

Ismail Radwan, the Hamas leader, warned Wednesday "these three days are the last opportunity as far as we are concerned," reports Channel 10.

"If there won't be advancement towards the demands of the Palestinian people, I anticipate the delegation will leave Cairo," added Radwan, referencing the ongoing truce talks being intermediated by Egypt.

Hamas, which along with Islamic Jihad have broken no fewer than six "humanitarian ceasefires" in the course of Operation Protective Edge, bragged last week that it is holding Israel "at gunpoint" in the negotiations, either to get its demands or "shoot you in the chest."

The terrorist organization also clarified that if a truce is indeed achieved in Cairo, the truce would only be so as to plan the next terror war on the Jewish state.

Hamas's lavish demands in the talks include serious threats on Israel's security, such as the release of terrorists, the opening of borders, as well as the establishment of a sea port and airport in Gaza.

According to Palestinian Authority (PA) officials, Egypt on Tuesday submitted a proposal, which would reject Israel's demands for a disarmament of Gaza as well as Hamas demands for a sea and airport, putting off such issues for future talks. The Egyptian proposal would include the easing of the blockade on the Hamas terror enclave.

It appears the talks have not reached a breakthrough, even as reports Tuesday indicated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with party head coalition members privately in what one minister termed "softening talks" to gain support for Israeli concessions to Hamas.

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