Hamas gunmen in Gaza
Hamas gunmen in GazaFlash 90

A security official in Gaza, defined as someone close to the Hamas-controlled security forces, confirmed Tuesday that "resistance groups" in Gaza executed tens of Palestinians deemed as alleged "informants" to Israel during Operation Protective Edge. 

"A number of agents have been executed in the conflict when attempts to disrupt the operations of the resistance and ambushes set by the Israeli army," the Palestinian security official said. 

He added that "resistance forces" will continue to act to deter the informants for Israel and harming Israeli intelligence agents through the elimination of the Gaza Strip.

"The resistance forces do not feel sorry for those who wish to give information to the enemy resistance and its people, and execution in the town square will be their fate," he said. 

According to Palestinian sources  during the war took Hamas members executed more than 30 Palestinians, most of them in Sheijaiya.

Some have put that figure even higher; sources told the Palestine Press news agency that in July alone at least 30 Palestinian Arabs had been rounded up and killed by Hamas for possessing Orange SIM cards, shekels, and other paraphernalia that linked them to Israel. 

Unrest in Gaza has been fomenting for weeks now, Palestinian Arab sources have stated, despite the formation of a Hamas-Fatah unity government in June.

Channel 10 reported that a total of 20 Palestinians were shot dead in Sheijaya after demonstrating against Hamas policy; Fatah officials were instructed to remain in their homes during IDF raids, and that they would be found, shot, and killed if this policy was found to have been violated.

Residents angry over the destruction wrought in Gaza as a result of Hamas's policies recently physically attacked a leading Hamas official, who had to be extricated by police, 

The unity government itself is slowly crumbling after differences of opinion have surfaced over several issues, including the war in Gaza, reactions to the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers, and the delayed payment of wages for government workers in Gaza in the weeks leading up to the current conflict. 

Earlier this summer, both Fatah and Hamas members told Fox News that both sides remain bitter over the unity pact, as a debate raged over compensation to be paid for victims of sectarian-linked murders in Gaza. 

Meanwhile, Palestinian Arabs are reportedly losing trust in Hamas in Gaza, according to a recent report. Statistics show that as much as 88% of Gazans believe that Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas should retake power there, and that combined support for both Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshaal tops barely 15% - an all-time low. 

One journalist even stated to Fox News last month that most Palestinian Arabs in Gaza "hate Hamas with a passion." 

“You need to understand that Palestinian blood has been shed by Hamas itself," a 28-year old journalist, an editor at a Gaza media outlet who asked to be kept anonymous, stated to international journalists. "Living under Hamas is a tragedy." 

“Nobody can forgive Hamas for what they’re doing," the journalist continued. "No one can forgive Hamas for butchering Palestinians to get power. Most Gazans hate Hamas with a passion."