Hamas terrorists have been encouraged to dress up like ordinary Orthodox Jews, according to Palestinian Media Watch, to carry out suicide attacks on Israeli civilians. 

Hamas repeatedly broadcasted a video encouraging the attacks, as well as the disguise, according to the watchdog group. 

The Hamas video glorifies a terrorist dressing up in a black hat, black Hassidic coat or bekishe, and tzitzit - and fully decked with long peyot or sidelocks and a beard - before arming himself with explosives. 

In addition, an official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV network broadcast a poem glorifying suicide bombing, specifically in Gaza. The text reads:

"She [Gaza] wraps her waist with mines and explodes,
It is neither death nor suicide.
It is Gaza's way to declare its right to life

She scratched the enemy's face
And repelled them from satisfaction with time, 

because time in Gaza is something else 

In Gaza the enemy could be victorious
The high sea could be victorious on an island.
They may cut down all her trees; they may break her bones
They could plant tanks in her children's chests and women's bellies and throw her into the sea, sand or blood 
But she will never repeat the lies or say "yes" to the invaders; 

she will continue to explode 
It is neither death nor suicide.
It is Gaza's way to declare its right to life."

The accompanying video glorifies killing Israeli women and children. 

Suicide bombers and kidnappers often are instructed to dress as Jews, in order to blend in with local population undetected before committing a terror attack. 

One prominent example of this strategy is the 2001 Sbarro's suicide bombing, whereby terrorist Ahlam Tamimi dressed up as an Israeli university student to help bomber Izz al-Din Shuheil al-Masri enter the restaurant undetected. The bombing killed 15 people and wounded over 130.