IDF troops view crater created by shell
IDF troops view crater created by shell Israel news photo: Flash 90

A man suffered light injuries Sunday when a mortar shell struck a Jewish community in the Shaar Hanegev region, near Gaza. He received treatment on the spot and did not require hospitalization.

By sundown, Hamas had fired 70 rockets and mortar shells at Israel.

In Zikim, the security alert because of an unspecified security-related event was still ongoing in the evening hours and residents were warned to stay in their homes. Some of the roads leading to Zikim were closed off

Sirens sounded in the afternoon hours in Ashdod, Bnei Darom, Nitzanim, Kiryat Malachi, Mercaz Shapira, Masuot Yitzchak, Nahal Oz and Alumim. Two rockets exploded in Be'er Tuvia.

Earlier, rockets were fired at Tel Aviv and the greater Tel Aviv / coastal zone area, and at Gaza Belt communities. One rocket was intercepted over Tel Aviv. No one was hurt.

Before that, sirens sounded in Be'er Sheva, Gilat, Eshel Hanasi, Nahal Oz and Alumim. One rocket was intercepted over Be'er Sheva and two exploded in open spaces. No one was hurt..

Earlier in the day, sirens sounded in Ashkelon, Sderot, Zikim, Karmiya and Yad Mordechai. Four rockets blew up in open spaces in the Hof Ashkelon region and three in the Eshkol region. Slight damage was caused to a structure.

Sirens also sounded in Nahal Oz and Kfar Aza. Four mortar shells exploded in Sdot Negev. No one was hurt. Sirens also sounded in Alumim, Kerem Shalom, Mirim and Ein Hashlosha after rockets were fired from Gaza. The rockets exploded in empty spaces, no one was hurt and no damage was caused.

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