Anti-Israel demonstration in Spain
Anti-Israel demonstration in SpainReuters

More disturbing footage has emerged illustrating the recent surge in anti-Semitism in Europe, as Islamists and extremists from both the hard-left and -right of the political spectrum have used the pretext of Israel's military operation in Gaza to engage in violent attacks and incitement against Jews.

The latest video is from an Islamist rally in the Spanish city of Cueta, and shows what looks to be hundreds of Muslims cheering and chanting during an anti-Semitic diatribe by one of the rally's leaders.

Branding Israel "the arm of the United States", the speaker continues: "The Jews, for decades, for thousands of years, have wanted to exterminate the prophets and everyone on the face of the Earth who is not a Hebrew. 

"In the Torah of the Jews it says that they are the chosen people... I swear to God that we will put fear into you until judgement day!"

European countries have seen an alarming rise in anti-Semitism since the start of Operation Protective Edge.

In France, Muslim extremists have attacked several synagogues, and leftist and Islamist rioters torched Jewish-owned businesses and clashed with police as authorities there have struggled to contain the wave of hate.

In Holland, anti-Israel marchers have called to "slaughter the Jews" and several violent attacks have been reported, including one Jewish woman who was subjected to death-threats and firebombs for hanging an Israeli flag outside her home.

Germany as well has seen vocally anti-Semitic demonstrations. During one such march extremists called to "slit Jews' throats" and attempted to attack anyone visibly Jewish. At least one synagogue has been firebombed in recent weeks, and a Berlin imam called to kill "Zionist Jews".

In the UK, although anti-Semitism has not reached such heights, anti-Semitism watchdog the Community Security Trust (CST) registered a nearly 100% rise in anti-Semitism in the first two weeks of last month alone.

Other European countries, including Italy and Belgium, have also seen a slew of anti-Semitic incidents.