Dr. Aryeh Eldad
Dr. Aryeh EldadFlash90

Former MK Professor Aryeh Eldad, head of the Professors for a Strong Israel organization, called on Israeli students to “vote with their feet” and reject leftist professors who have come out against the IDF's mission in Gaza. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Eldad suggested that students check the names of professors before signing up for courses, and boycott the courses taught by leftist professors.

“They must be rejected and ejected from the family of academia,” Eldad said. “If I could, I would paper the land with posters and take out ads listing the names of the professors and teachers who advocate for Hamas.”

He is unable to do so himself, Eldad said, but he had a suggestion for students who wanted to avoid such teachers. “Just don't sign up for their courses,” he said.

“Israeli academia has a long tradition of 'self-hate,'” said Eldad. “We have this all year long, but it becomes much more annoying and dangerous during periods of war and tension. More people see it, and more families whose sons are fighting and dying on the front are hurt.” By avoiding their courses, students will be sending the professors – and their employers, the universities – a clear message, that such activity is unacceptable.

Eldad believes that Israel needs to remain in Gaza on a permanent basis. “Without a Jewish presence in Gaza the IDF will not be able to operate there,” he said. “The real breaking point in security for the south leading to this war was the disengagement. In order to restore security we must return to the point when there was security – before the disengagement, when Israelis lived in Gush Katif. Anything less will not enable us to fight the tunnels and the missiles,” he added.