Shaked(L( and Calfa visit an IDF soldier on t
Shaked(L( and Calfa visit an IDF soldier on tJewish Home

Jewish Home Party activists from the north of the country visited the southern front, in order to get an impression of exactly what soldiers and civilians in the area are facing. Leading the delegation was party chairperson MK Ayelet Shaked, along with MK Zvulun Kalfa. They were accompanied by party activists, as well as Deputy Carmiel Mayor Rotem Yanai, Beit Shemesh City Council member Gadi Mazuz, Ofakim City Council member Moshe Ohayon, and others.

The group visited IDF units on the front, bringing them refreshments and supplies. The group toured the border area and saw how soldiers were dealing with the twin threats of Gaza – rocket attacks and terror tunnels.

According to Shaked, “the visit showed us how determined the soldiers are to defend Israel. When we see them we realize how bitter and evil an enemy Hamas is. We cannot allow a cease-fire to be implemented until Hamas is defeated and Gaza is demilitarized. When Hamas asks for a cease-fire it means that the IDF attack is having an effect.”

“We came to strengthen and show our affection for the soldiers defending our country,” Kalfa said. “It was important for them that we came to encourage them, and important to us to see their faith and determination, which is amazing to see. The soldiers told us that they expected the government to be as determined as they are to bring an end to the terror from Gaza and for the completion of their mission. We promised them that we would forward their comments to the government,” Calfa added.