Exposing tunnels
Exposing tunnels IDF Spokesperson's Office

Rockets sounded throughout the Coastal (Shefela), Ashdod, Ashkelon, Judea, and Sharon regions on Sunday morning, despite a "humanitarian ceasefire" between Israel and Hamas.

Two rockets were shot down by the Iron Dome missile defense system Sunday morning; another two fell in open areas outside of Ashkelon. No hits, injuries, or damage were reported. 

Seven rockets were fired over the Sharon area and southern Israel later Sunday morning; the Iron Dome missile defense system shot two down over Petah Tikva and five struck southern Israel. Shrapnel was sprayed all over the city, but no injuries or damage have been reported; the municipality asks all residents to steer clear of fallen warheads and have dispatched sappers immediately to collect the debris. No injuries or damage have been reported. 

Israel announced late Saturday that it would extend a humanitarian ceasefire called on Saturday until Sunday at 9:00 pm. 

Since then, Hamas has fired no fewer than eight rockets on Israeli civilians, injuring two people. 

However, a senior officer told Arutz Sheva on condition of anonymity that the operation to destroy terror tunnels still continues. 

"The operation against terror tunnels is being carried out in parallel with the enormous efforts of the Engineering Corps in the field," the senior officer stated, adding that the operation is not only about "inserting explosives [into the tunnels], but doing so in the right way." 

"There is immense friction with Hamas terrorists, and combat soldiers on the ground have been instructed to operate with maximum vigilance to prevent being injured by the terrorists," he added. 

The official explained that while the IDF is officially cooperating with the "humanitarian ceasefire,"  the operation on the terror tunnels will continue. 

"The operation is to eliminate terror targets and, as such, we are concentrating on that," he said.